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In 2019 the NeuroMuscular Centre began work to encourage the NMC community to make the use of the outside space we have at the NMC. We are blessed to have a beautiful meadow, a large greenhouse and accessible allotments. 
Early in the year, the Training and Development team set to work to obtain seed donations and the plants that grew from the seeds were later sold to raise funds for the centre. Buoyed by our success, we requested bulbs and pots and received generous donations of both, which again were used to raise funds.

In light of current events, our plans for continuing our outdoor activities at the NMC are very much on hold. However, Mother Nature is continuing her work, so over the coming weeks we hope to share information on this blog about what is going on in the outside space at the NMC right now and we will be beginning a project to try to learn what happened on the land at the NMC before the NMC resided there.
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